Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pictured here:
Andrea enjoying interactive storytelling program with some friends!
She also teaches storytelling and performance arts!

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Nature Based Tales

Butterflies,rain forests, tales of hibernation are just a few of the original stories with curriculum base in science. story samples;

"A Garden Of Miracles" Young listeners are always amazed when they see two children turn into caterpiller's (puppets) and are transformed into butterflies right before their eyes.
"Fred" (puppet) Fred has been around for many years telling children wild tales , in fact Andrea is always hesitant to bring him out as she has trouble getting him to go back to bed. An old favorite and much requested friend with this age group.
Suggested age Pre-k through grades 3

Stories that reflect the seasons and the holidays. Many originals for Pre- k though 6
Folktales from around the world with an appreciation for customs, traditions and diversity. For all ages.Drums,flutes ,rhythms and songs are all part of the tales
sample groupings of tales
Rainforests Tales, Stories From America's Borders, Tales with Lessons, Tricksters, Peace Tales,Tales from the regions of the world, Africa, South America, Asia, North America, Middle Eastern Tales, Tales From Australia, Hawaii, Artic, The Islands, etc.

Check out some free songs to copy below!!

Andrea Lovett has been "Tellin Tales" to Lil' ones for 20 years. She brings a depth of understanding and experience to her young audiences. Teachers are thrilled with her performances as they are both educational and filled with fun. Andrea specializes in early childhood programs. Her philosophy-"storytelling is the missing link to literacy and pre-literacy comprehension."

The kids LOVED you!! They were talking about the show and "doodle wopping" the rest of the day. Thanks for the great show!! Pam 2nd grade teacher in Braintree, Mass.

Why storytelling works so well in schools?
"Language is a human instinct, but written language is not ... Children are wired for sound, but print is an optional accessory that must be painstakingly bolted on. This basic fact about human nature should be the starting point for any discussion about how to teach our children to read and write."Steven Pinker -- Cognitive scientist

Enjoy some of Andrea's favorite songs from the earlychildhood hit parade !

Back to school songs

Zip a dee do dah, Zip a dee ay, I'm excited because it's my first day
I'm gonna learn and I'm gonna play
Zip a dee doo dah, Zip a dee ay
It's time for us to go now, We're gonna ride the bus Our teachers waiting for us
Zip a dee do dah Zip a dee ay
Wonderful feeling, on my first day.

It's off to school we go
It's off to school we go
We'll take our lunch and ride the bus
with everyone we know
It's off to school we go
It's off to school we go
We'll learn our ABC's and more,
With everyone we know

more songs and poems for young children !!

Summer Songs
Hanky Panky

Down of the shores of the hanky panky
The bullfrogs jump from bank to banky

with a hip hop flipity flop
with a hip hop flipty flop
missed the banky and went kerplop

Frog on a Log
There was a Frog who lived in a bog
He climbed on a lilypad and jumped on a log
He snapped at a mosquito, he snapped at a bee
He caught the mosquito but he didn't catch me

A tiny little Caterpillar crawled up on a leaf
Then he spun a chrysalis and he went to sleep
while he was sleeping he dreamed that he could fly
later when he woke up he was a butterfly

Rainbow purple ,rainbow blue
rainbow green and yellow too
rainbow orange, rainbow red
look there's a rainbow over my head!

Bug Song
A hunting we will go
A hunting we will go
We'll catch a --------.
put him in a box ,and then we'll let him go!

Alligator Pie
Alligator Pie
Don't you hide my alligator Pie
You can hide the green grass
You can hide the sky
But, don't you hide my alligator pie!

Camping song
(hokey pokey)
you put your marshmallow in(campfire)
you put your marshmallow out
you put your marshmallow in and then you blow it out
you do the camping pokey and you sit upon the ground that's what it's all about!
add versus
pup tent up pup tent down
roll your sleeping bag in
roll it out

Andrea telling Mouton and Galique at a rehearsal for First Night Boston!