Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pictured here:
Andrea enjoying interactive storytelling program with some friends!
She also teaches storytelling and performance arts!

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Programs offered:

Nature Based Tales

Butterflies,rain forests, tales of hibernation are just a few of the original stories with curriculum base in science. story samples;

"A Garden Of Miracles" Young listeners are always amazed when they see two children turn into caterpiller's (puppets) and are transformed into butterflies right before their eyes.
"Fred" (puppet) Fred has been around for many years telling children wild tales , in fact Andrea is always hesitant to bring him out as she has trouble getting him to go back to bed. An old favorite and much requested friend with this age group.
Suggested age Pre-k through grades 3

Stories that reflect the seasons and the holidays. Many originals for Pre- k though 6
Folktales from around the world with an appreciation for customs, traditions and diversity. For all ages.Drums,flutes ,rhythms and songs are all part of the tales
sample groupings of tales
Rainforests Tales, Stories From America's Borders, Tales with Lessons, Tricksters, Peace Tales,Tales from the regions of the world, Africa, South America, Asia, North America, Middle Eastern Tales, Tales From Australia, Hawaii, Artic, The Islands, etc.

Check out some free songs to copy below!!

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